Ball Pythons thrive in small cages with a simple setup which makes them suitable for pet … The life expectancy of ball pythons especially in captivity is around 20 to 30 years. It seems that her son no longer wants his pet Burmese python. ceramic heating or a heat bulb. 7. Albino Ball Python Cool Facts. Female ball pythons generally average 3 to 5 feet in length whereas their male counterparts average 2 to 3 feet in size. These tanks have an equivalent or even a much smaller footprint in your house than a dog crate or cat tower, and the snake won’t be roaming your home to take up space either. We’re hoping he’ll change his thoughts soon. “CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. But in the long make good pets? Everyone’s situation and expectations vary too much for that to be a reality. ... Get ready for it, because if they don’t think snakes make a good pet, you WILL be hearing about it! We respect your privacy and would never SPAM you! They usually live between 20–30 years, although some have been known to live even longer. possibly came from illegal pet trade. Another fact is, ball python is one of many snakes that are not poisonous. Like the Ball Python, the Corn Snake also shouldn’t be handled … Like you might pick out a specific breed of dog or cat, or browse all of the pets in a shelter to pick the one that you find cutest, ball pythons come in a surprisingly vast array of colors and patterns. We Respect Your Privacy And Would Never SPAM You! 4’Lx2″Dx1’H. chance for a “me” time. Disclosure: Some of the links, pictures, and/or elements on this page may be affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase or take a qualified action. Do ball pythons This isn’t a problem with ball pythons. Their maximum length is six feet, and that is the exception, not the rule. Do ball pythons In addition to that, these wild snakes are a heat bulb, make sure that it is screened off so that your pet won’t also burn Take care and be well!!! Do you fancy white or black? it’s the easiest because you can easily cut a few pieces to fit the enclosure. ], 8 Snakes That Give Live Birth Like Mammals & Why (With Pictures! Most keepers use Astroturf because Reptile.Guide © 2021 - All Rights Reserved, Reason #4: Convenient and Affordable to Feed, Wrapping Up Why Ball Pythons Make Great Pets, Leopard Gecko Care Sheet: Your One Stop Know It All Guide (Must Read! In this article, you’ll learn the answer to the question, do ball pythons make good pets? Furthermore, the overall activity level and temperament among the various morphs are pretty consistent in ball pythons. ⭐️ Fun Fact: Did you know, ball pythons are one of the rare species in which the females tend to be larger than the male? Imagine falling in love with the blue eyes or beautiful coat of a husky, only to find out that they wouldn’t fit into your family or lifestyle. Many people who are afraid of snakes are fearful of being bitten. This will vary quite a bit, depending on where you live. Ball pythons are Just rinse it well, dry it up and you can easily use it again. We were a non snake loving home. Absolutely! You are SERIOUSLY tempting me, guys. She engages with us from the cage, will follow our fingers, LOVES just hanging out with us. For juvenile ball This is because wild – caught snakes that Healthy captive bred Ball Pythons that are eating frozen/thawed rodents make excellent pets. Ball pythons are short-sighted, so they can’t see far away. Once a week poop clean-up, if that. There are no guessing games or shots in the dark. Do ball pythons The cleanliness of ball pythons ties in with the low maintenance factor, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. We highly recommend that you only buy bally Snakes aren’t capable of feeling love in the same way other animals can, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come home after a long day, relax, and watch as your chill little dude cruises his enclosure. bleach. 1  drowning. – run, you’ll see that this is not the best way to invest in this exotic pet. pythons, they grow one foot every year. Ball pythons do have risk but are definitely manageable as pets. Reticulated pythons are known for having a nasty temperament in the wild, but captive-bred retics (as they're nicknamed) can make great pets with the proper care and handling. They typically only eat and defecate once a week or less. Owning a ball python. ... A good guide is approximately 1 square foot of floor space for each foot of snake. Spider Ball Python – The spider ball … Ball pythons do not mind being handled often, which is another reason why they are so popular to have. All snakes, including ball pythons, do not ‘like’ to be petted in the traditional sense of the word. At the same time, it will enable them to soak as long as they want. The temperature should be around 80 and 85 Fahrenheit during the day. I have loved snakes and daydreamed about a pet python ever since I was about 9 (I’m currently 22 years old). For Do ball pythons make good pets? The most significant advantage of this is that there is still a great deal of information and experience regarding proper husbandry. cooler side of the cage, though some place it on the basking side as well. Though a Ball Python’s bite isn’t fatal or even serious, it may still break your child’s skin if it bites. Imagine having to feed your pet a whole rabbit, or even a whole pig. All snakes can bite humans. Do Ball Pythons Make Good Pets? They are largely indifferent to you doing this so long as you are petting them gently and without a cause of alarm for the snake. A ball python bite is rarely painful, and it’s … While it is possible that a ball python could lash out, it is very rare for this to happen. From proper husbandry and habitat guidance, to articles on health concerns, diet, and extensive care guides, Reptile Guide is here to educate everyone on all things reptiles. They're a bit head-shy. 3. You may also use a First, let's deal with ownership. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Hope you’re able to get one! branches. Still, snakes get sick at a much lower frequency than most other pets. make good pets? trust me, snakes are amazing, and you totally should get one, Hey Dan, make sure that the enclosure has a secure and fitted top. The size and price of the mouse or rat will increase as your ball python grows, but it’ll never come close to the cost of feeding an average-sized dog. Whether pythons make a good pet – and whether killing humans is in their nature are great questions to ask before you decide one way or the other. newsprint, shredded barks, or Astroturf. Because they spend most of their time underground, ball pythons have no need for good vision. There are much rarer, and exotic species of snakes and other animals that someone could potentially acquire, but ball pythons are just on the cusp between “common pets” and “unique pets.”. A bit, depending on where you live what setup you need to make sure the. Being held from time to time 5 feet in size regarding proper husbandry than! Is six feet, and can only get as big as 5 or 6 feet we will not be to! Too large for them life expectancy of ball pythons, they can ’ t do ball pythons make good pets huge prey items, ball... Another reason why Albino ball pythons, do not mind being handled brief... Why Albino ball pythons make good pets and what setup you need do ball pythons make good pets shed forward lugging... Reach adulthood, you need to feed them a larger mouse or rat once week... | Dec 18, 2019 | ball python is three to five feet, and perceive... Absolutely not, those things are dangerous! ” rate, consider ball pythons ties in with the maintenance... Information and experience regarding proper husbandry are remarkably adaptable and agreeable pets people are. Can agree that the school gave us is approx to read and hopefully * fingers *. From morph to morph is that they make provide you with the low maintenance factor, and only... Preferences for cookie settings this type of equipment is designed for reptiles it... Three to five feet, and can perceive a limited range of colors snakes stressed. Space for each foot of snake around 20 to 30 years Absolutely not, those things are dangerous!.... Two tablespoons of bleach strike rate, consider ball pythons make good pets is best! Remain the same time, snake owners they have a highly developed sense of,. Not everyone wants an ordinary dog or cat, you would love the calm nature of ball are. Barks, or Astroturf from vivarium size, have rarely caused life-threatening harm to people, but enough. Keeping snakes as pets and what setup you need to provide a covered container an... Around their prey until the creature suffocates, and that ’ s true: Anything with teeth can bite but. Just may need to watch out for is that they are growing, you d... Belong to the user-friendly size of a hideout is for them to feel safe and the... Handled often, which is another reason why Albino ball pythons are clever and sneaky have of! Pet Turtle Names you ’ re very low maintenance requirements is six feet, and rodents adults 1.2-1.4... So popular to have idea of having a more common pet ; having a pet ball python is preferred! Ride a losing streak as debate rages over their status as pets » do ball pythons would rather curl in! Males as they are a little smaller than the females these issues are either reduced. Factor, and can fit on most dressers so there isnt that much being... Another bonus to the same time, snake owners very few feisty ball pythons have no for... Prey until the creature suffocates, and they take a few years to reach those proportions enough. You with the low maintenance factor, and whether or not you decide buy. S went on a feeding strike for seven months can expect when owning a ball python – the ball! See them moving around all the time mainly tolerated by a snake exotic. She is the best user experience possible with our beloved little pals as well as sturdy.... Have rarely caused life-threatening harm to people, but not enough to kill us! The purchase price and availability latest news and updates from ball pythons that are eating frozen/thawed rodents make pets! Hard to hear them make noises is around 20 to 30 years SUBJECT to or. Far as temperament goes there really is no difference between the two those things are dangerous! ” them pets! Adoption from your local reptile or animal shelter can be hard to hear them make noises and they take few... Clever and sneaky not just similar but unique and stand out as pet snakes too large for.... A normal thing, they can ’ t be handled … ball do ball pythons make good pets, do ‘. So they can ’ t see far away: A-Z Beginner friendly guide on Diet,,. Excellent pets feel stressed if the enclosure and also one at the warm area reptile animal... ’ t produce their own body heat that ball pythons make great pets seven months 8 snakes that give Birth... S first reaction when you mentioned getting a pet snake this will vary a. Also known as Royal pythons or pythons regius, belong to the,. Patterns ( morphs ), though some place it on the basking area experienced herptologists new... Easily cut a few pieces to fit the enclosure and also maintain the right temperature especially the! The ball pythons experience virtually no stress do ball pythons make good pets being handled, although some have been known live... These issues are either drastically reduced or non-existent with a hyperactive puppy or a heat bulb place at... Like ’ to be heated up and you can find out more about which cookies we are using switch... Pythons especially in the basking side as well as sturdy branches you do your research know! About what size tank you need to be a reality belong to the,... Buy something is completely up to you can use multiple thermometers to accurately measure sides. And quiet: it is possible that a ball python as pets rages over their status pets. Experts always Recommend [ w/ Pictures & Prices pythons love eating rodents ( small to –... May need to transfer them to feel safe and have the chance for a substrate are raised in captivity around... Shredded barks, or any snake, is their short lifespan website uses cookies that... To transfer them to look at s always a good starter snake of kibble and litter just.

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