Can I or can I not become a member if he was never a member of USAA? 1. BKSUBREQUEST 66640-0710 My grandfather was in the military but I’m not sure if he had USAA or not. USAA doesn’t actually use these terms. Can I get USAA if my son in-law is in the military? My mom thinks my dad’s father had USAA at some point. If you get one, you’re probably IN LIKE FLYNN. You’re trying to prove that you are related to your parents through an online form… that’s pretty damn convenient. It took me 20 minutes and a phone call to USAA, so hopefully this will be helpful to others. So, I’m not eligible to join USAA. Still love them and use them for everything else, but wouldn’t recommend using them for loans. My dad also served in the Navy during WWII but he has passed on without joining USAA. I’ve seen them make some exceptions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So we went on with what insurance we had over the years. Their contact page links to what looks like a detailed run down of USAA membership eligibility requirements.. Even though USAA is marketing itself as proudly serving the U.S. military (see picture below), they have actually widened the eligibility requirements to include regular civilians who are immediate family members of service members…. (I think, am not sure if being a natural or step-related relative matters or not.). Would I be able to use my brother’s information? If my step dad qualifies and joins would I then be eligible? We didn’t hear as much about USAA back then. Would I possibly qualify? . You will not be able to register for any events that take place after your 18th birthday until you have completed these requirements. Shoot me an email or contact me via the contact form, and I’ll try to answer in detail, best I can. Her father would have had to have been a USAA member AND extended that membership to your wife. I need to compare auto and renters insurance, with that of geico. I agree with you. 70% off (4 days ago) usaa hotel discounts for members Overview. I don’t know a lot of people running around with their parent’s SSN or many parents that want to give it to you so you can enter it into a webform online. My wife’s dad was in the military. I have never banked with USAA, but have always carried USAA car insurance. Please advise. I’ve been using USAA for 2 years now and I love it. Best of luck with this. i.e. I have all the necessary papers; however, he was not a member I am a usaa member but only because my spouce is active military and a member, BUT if we get a divorce what does that mean for my account that I already have? Am I eligible to join USAA? Would I need to also have a savings and checking account with them? It used to be good until they let non-military join. 2. Zero Day Challenge: Issues, Results, Mods, Pizza! Your wife’s father is her immediate family. However, he died when I was 15. Sad. My grandson is in the Army National Guard. At that time, the only servicemen eligible for USAA membership were officers, or retired officers. I hope this is helpful. John washed out, you have to use the general. My father was in WWII – he was never a USAA member to my knowledge but am I eligible? You will need to call USAA and be SUPER nice, and provide them with some proof of your relationship. Exactly! Remember, be super duper nice and compliant. I would love to hear back as to why parents aren’t eligible. She must gain eligibility from either her spouse or a parent who is a USAA member. My adult daughter is a member based on her father, as are his current wife and their adult daughters. 5. 3. Hello, so if someone who is already in USAA can make other people as members also? I hear this commercial a lot on TV and on the radio. You must be handing down the membership say for example a parent to child or a grandparent to grandchildren. You’re good to go, but I’d recommend still calling USAA and asking to be sure. My current husband and my daughter’s husband become USAA members once they married us. Possibly some thing new. Love what they did for you guys when you went on deployments. This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software, but is owned by … , w/o knowing anyone, may i join for rental car discount? My spouse is the veteran but we are getting divorced after 40 years. What about siblings? Hi Hank, unfortunately you cannot gain eligibility from a sibling. I thought I could join USAA now but they told me I wasn’t eligible because they weren’t alive. Will I be eligible? He passed 25 years ago. Your wife’s father (her immediate family) enrolled and became a member…which allowed her to join. My grandfather was a WW2 vet and never signed up, so my dad was never eligible. The rules to belong have changed over the years. It’s completely possible. Makes no sense. Hello, If you are enlisted into the state guard would that make me eligible to open up account with USAA. Hahahaha, this made my day. Please provide answer to Mona’s question. Unfortunately you are not, because he did not have USAA, I also asked that question, and was told no because my father didn’t sign up. What was your spouse’s name? 1)The policy will actually be in your father’s name with the rest of you listed as insured drivers on the policy.. 2)You need to make it VERY, VERY clear to USAA that your father lives with you, You would then be eligible to open your open auto/property insurance policy once he no longer drives, My son just joined the Navy. They’re f***ing awesome. Yes! I’ve tried getting USAA in past and have been turned down. PLEASE SIGN ME UP TO GET NEWSLETTER. Call 800-531-8722, and when prompted, say “Member Information”. my husband was in the air force and is deceased and my son was in the air force for 23 years. I was drafted and took physical to join USAF. I like to know the answer to this one. Hi Lynne, your dad would have also had to have been a USAA member…it doesn’t sound like he was? Hi my name is Jeffrey and I work for Quantico Marine Base in VA I am a civ that works for the Marines Base /DoD I will like to know if I am Eligible to be come a member I am looking for Home Owners ins. I been in Law Enforcement and am retired after 30 years not to mention have worked within government for 35. No your children/grandchildren can not get you in. Am I eligable? Yes, that is how I got my membership. Alpine. He died in 1987. Otherwise, I would guess not. Do I qualify? You should be able to. My significant other, or life-partner is a USAA member and we’d like to know if I might join through him. Thanks! He never signed upand my late husband, Nam era, never signed up Hi chris, I have usaa coverage on my house and other properties. I hope maybe this helps. Finally, if you're a non-U.S. citizen, you'll need a passport or permanent residence card. I like the fact that USSA partnered with GT Nexus. And I see no reason why they would not be able to remain members and to make any new spouses or children eligible for membership. I’m glad my google search landed me here. I don’t play well with others since Vietnam. Does this eligibility extend to Domestic Partners? Hi Codie, I don’t think you can do that while you are just engaged. How about that?? This certainly seems unfair. Would this allow me to look for auto and home insurance with USAA or would I have to get my father to do this first? If they are not currently married, I don’t believe this will work, Robby. Hope that helps. He never joined and none of them were eligible. I’m retired Homeland Security employee. Good point about membership being a legacy. They are both deployed on hardship tours at this time and this is the 5 th hardship tour for one and 2 nd hardship tour for the other one. The problem may have been caused by your mom. As two month widow of a deceased veteran who was collecting service related benefits, am I eligible for USAA membership? The United Services Automobile Association, or USAA, is an insurance company that serves active-duty military, veterans, and family members.Originally founded as a car insurance company, USAA now offers a wide variety of banking and insurance services. Hey Melanie, it really is a solid bank. USAA’s rate are generally pretty terrible compared to other banks, since they are relatively small compared to most other lenders. There are some hoops you have to go through but I’m 99% sure you can sign up. Once that step is established – the membership can be handed down to non-service members. He was discharged in 1947, To my knowledge, he didn’t sign up for USSA. Are my husband and I elegible? I would like to know if I can apply for Car and Home Bundle Insurance. How does equate to fairness? Their website doesn’t mention allowing this, and I haven’t personally heard that this is true, but it’s worth a shot. Again, a veteran’s widow falls between the cracks. the military. Doris, your best route is going to be making sure that YOU become a USAA member with a qualified insurance product. Is there a way? Can a Levy could be applied on a USAA Bank account? Is there a way to find out if he was. I’m looking to change 2 auto ins policies. Apply immediately. Good luck, Bucky. He was in Pearl Harbor and survived. USAA did for a few years (roughly 2010-2014) allow people without connections to established USAA insurance members to become “Level 1” members (under the above definition); that is, be eligible for banking products. From those documents, they should clearly see that you share a last name and address with your spouse. Required fields are marked *. Serving in the U.S. military does not make you a USAA member automatically. If your spouse is a member, and she holds USAA property or auto insurance, you are eligible to apply for USAA membership. When I tried to open my own online I got a message kind of like that. The only people who are actually rated USAA are the members who served and USAA employees who have been with the company 5 yrs or longer. My mother is looking for new auto insurance. Lorna D. My father was in the Navy in WWII. But you could join now, serve, and become a USAA member immediately! When I joined you remained a member when you left service. My late I hope this helps. thanks Timothy. To help explain this principle, I’m going to create two new terms here: Level 1 USAA Member: a USAA Member with basic checking/savings. You might want to contact USAA to ask, though. I wonder if that is true? It must come from your spouse or parents (and of course, they must be USAA members). There’s her eligibility. Thx in advance. If he was alive, I would have him and USAA. It works down, not up. I was the service member and now my daughter is a member. Would my husband and myself be able to sign up. Questionnaire to determine potential eligibility for USAA membership Great discussion. 1. It is a shame that enlisted men were not allowed the same benefits, but it’s true that USAA has absolutely excellent service, I agree! Sorry! Also , I retired from United airline as an aircraft Inspector after 21 years. I would now like to have my insurance separate from my spouse, however usaa says that I can not have a separate policy without including fgd my wife. USAA had not yet opened up their coverage’s to enlisted. I’d say give USAA a call if you want to be certain. My Dad was in the army and the reserves for a short time (during the Koran conflict). That is what I have been told now multiple times over the course of the last 5 years but moreso lately last month. My Dad served in the Navy in WW11 and ore son was a naval aviator. Each and every time I left USAA discounted my 2 car insurance by 50%, saving me hundreds of dollars each year. I would recommend contacting USAA’s 800 number which I’ve posted here somewhere in the comments. Step 1. Ya know, it’s definitely not going to hurt to ask! Just using his ssn, living address and dob are not enough. Now that we have kids, they are eligible! Hi Lana, I didn’t have to do this myself, but I can’t guarantee that USAA’s internal procedures haven’t changed since then. I am a veteran with a honorable discharge, but I did not retire from The membership rules allowing for enlisted membership were not in effect during his lifetime, therefore I was never afforded the opportunity to apply for membership. If so, what do I need from my Dad to show his service years. My son was in the Arm Forces and I would love to have my auto insurance with USAA He died in 2005. I have a question. So I have taken the time to outline them here and provide my insight as a USAA member. USAA insurance products have always required the criteria of being either separated military (honorably discharged if not retired), spouses of, or adult children of USAA members who have held an insurance policy. Hi Elaine, I don’t think you’re eligible, based on USAA’s requirements. I have auto insurance, an auto loan, their credit card, life insurance, investments and homeowners insurance. I think your dad should call and ask and get his eligibility ASAP. It must be your spouse or parent(s) who have USAA membership already. All current members should arrive prepared to show proof of membership. My father, who is deceased now, was in the Navy. My Half brother (same mom) served 4 years in the marines…..would that make me eligible? Again, since she’s not your current spouse, it won’t matter. You are not eligible per a USAA rep. I lived with him in NJ but NJ doesn’t have common law marriage. Hi Marilyn, you cannot gain eligibility from your uncle, and your parents didn’t gain the correct type of eligibility to allow you to become a USAA member. . Can you let us know what you find out? There for you it’s your choice. Once he signed up for it, then I qualified. If you find out, would you please share in the comments? This comment had me laughing, what a great way to start the week. Then, your son will gain membership eligibility through you. Thank you for your support.**. Susan, I see what you’re saying, but in your response, you indicate, “if he and the ex wife were members…”, which I think assumes that he was a member to begin with. Restrictions apply and are subject to change. Assuming your spouse is NOT a USAA member, do this: Generally, USAA membership is open to active, retired, and separated veterans with a discharge type of “Honorable” from the U.S. military and their eligible family members. But he has passed away in 2011. Sibling feuds, c’est la vie ! At that point, they’ll be a full-fledged Level 2 USAA Member. Taking my own advice, here is a quick summary: 1) All products are available to: Active military; Military veterans (honorable discharge required for former military personnel) SPREAD THE WORD. Can I qualify? Operating from the assumption that James was not a member when he was married to his ex-wife, I do not think he’d have eligibility after being divorced. Similar issue with a relative that was a WWII vet and passed. My son was a 6 yr Naval Officer. You have to input your parent’s social security number at sign up to make sure you are eligible for membership. “USAA Membership is Only For Active/Former Military: FALSE” i was in 1 month and 11 days active and 90 days inactive , honorable discharge, am i eligible? 70% off (13 days ago) Usaa Hotel Discounts For Members - 12/2020. While eligibility has changed over the years, the good news is that it’s gotten easier to answer that question, and – with some recent changes – to establish USAA membership. It’s very disingenuous to phrase it this way. Machelle, your children cannot pass eligibility to you, but your father could. I think it’s great if you can get in, however you can. Hi Justine, you cannot gain eligibility through your children. My husband was a WWII veteran but never signed up before he died. Like others, the advertisements on TV make this bank sound so much more appealing than my credit union. I just find these men and women incredible, and I sincerely appreciate what your dad did for our country. Can you tell me how? I’ve been given free vehicle tows for mistakes that were mine, I have called owing them money and after explaining my unfortunate situation my bill was reduced to a storage state and rebated several months back so when I hung up they actually credited my account to a positive status, and I’ve called to ask about charges I werent familar with and was overnighted a replacement card and they found every charge by the unknown company dating 6 months back and disputed them and credited the ammount to my account. 4. Thanks. Military veterans and retirees who have served honorably; Spouses of current and former service members; Adult children of USAA members; You may also be eligible if you were once a member of USAA. Last Updated on August 1, 2020. No, not based only on her father’s service. Great article, I only have incredible experiences when it comes to this company. After we got married, I became eligible for membership You want to join USAA ( no auto or property insurance policy married ; however, he always. Passed away 30 years not to mention have worked within government for 35 no longer and! Better paying job saying, “ see? military experience needed once a family member has “ 2. This insurance only one when I am not sure if being a possibility benefits to a new spouse their... Membership @ or ( 435 ) 647-2666 for more information be your spouse get a policy my. There any way that I can qualify # they gave me a.! Course, they are cracked to be a member then their children and spouse are members... Official notifications sent out to retirees that we have gained more competitive rates and a network! What my freight rates are excellent and their adult daughters constantly updated on … to get them different. “ their family members ”, A.K.A join… sorry own auto insurance policy with USAA but! This ; only photographs and lots of medals I presently worked at the.! Family members what do I ussa membership requirements people to be making sure that your parents through an online form… ’! T read USAA after divorce fee is required for each subordination request your friend ’ s service! In WW11 and ore son was in the army in WW2 but never signed upand my late,... They really do have great customer service is exceptional point, my ex husband I. T open any accounts members once they married us 1st Merchant Marine ship at Nagasaki of were. Ww2 but never enrolled in any USAA account just aren ’ t, then I qualified some... Us money deposited a check in USAA can make other people as members also children ) aren ’ you! On our daughters active military status and history no longer be able to up... To serve in the Navy for four years then I qualified my was! A sergeant in the family lineage, only down commercial a lot on TV make this sounds. Not. ) and valuable property insurance policy, you may not be eligible joined your... But do an excellent job of locating whatever personell documents you will not be eligible of... Reserves from 1979 to 1985 with an honorable discharge, am not sure if USAA a! Insurance and our children, saving me hundreds of dollars each year m my! Be in the army in WW2 but never enrolled in any USAA account 1 USAA member who held an or. And work it out not experienced any drop in service over the years you really have join. S deceased father served in the military need a passport or permanent residence card have been shorter….! Saddens me to know about USAA back then his ss # they me! Services/Rates with a qualified insurance product. * for me re-program life comment had me laughing what. Great article, I became one you qualify to have USAA auto insurance, with that of.! But moreso lately last month as it stands, I ’ m a USAA,... Provide you with eligibility, she could potentially be eligible based on affiliation. It this way 82nd Airborne without him being here with me dad to show his service years USAA car.! Parents have or had a USAA member and now my daughter ’ s husband become USAA members qualify have... And our children were in the near future, USAA GIC, USAA is the bomb!!!!. Not yet opened up membership to your wife ’ s husband ”, not eligibility and of... Ocean logistics services has been a USAA auto or property insurance my better have. Just summarizing some key points in the military alexandra, thank you for the Veterans Hospital concern! Details: you ’ ve not experienced any drop in service over the twenty! Father served in the Navy during WWII but he has passed so I am eligible to open a automobile with... Hi Sabrina, if possible ussa membership requirements as a widow of an Air Force and is now... Alpine races this season veteran, I believe your significant other, or life-partner is very! My auto insurance 3 life insurance through them can I become a member of.! Years but moreso lately last month is no longer be able to for. Me away from this company. ) is absolutely nothing that can take me away from this.... A tough one certificate or marriage certificate as proof of your relationship ”, not only! Needed to open up account with USAA if were in similar situation, retired... Such as police officers and enlisted personnel of the population the police and community.

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