Now that you’ve invested in one or more two post or four post auto hoists for your vehicle workshop, you’ll no doubt want to keep them in top working order for the long term. Scheduled Maintenance. Engine stands hoist and support engines so mechanics can access all sides for inspection and repair. The importance of preventive maintenance for vehicle hoists. One of the most important aspects of owning and/or operating a car lift is performing periodic maintenance. E. The overhead switch bar will contact the highest point on the vehicle. Also look for evidence of heat damage. Oil a rag and wipe down the cable? 2) Flex the rope to expose any broken wires hidden in the valleys between the strands. Free Shipping Portable Car Hoists. SERVICE AREA – VHS services northern NSW and southern Queensland, from the coast west to Lightning Ridge, Coonabarrabran, Gunnedah and Tamworth. Training should include: 1. All maintenance and repair records are in compliance with Clause 6.5 of AS / NZS 2550.9:1996 Your best bet is to get in touch with Customer Service. Inground lifts engage the vehicle by its axles, so they can be used for virtually any vehicle maintenance and repair task without the need for other accessories. D. Vehicle is stable on lift and neither front nor “tail” heavy. Topics: car hoist servicing, vehicle hoist maintenance. Usually, they’re of structural steel to resist shear, compression and flexion forces. The purpose of car hoist is to lift up a car into the air when someone wants to work on it or examine something on it that is placed beneath the car. We sell new and used automotive vehicle hoists or lifting equipment for car mainly sometime for trucks. Topics: Typically there are two types of hoist used for this purpose: two-post and four-post. What is Car Lift? WorkSafe Western Australia has been inspecting workplaces with vehicle hoists since a fatality in 2012. Mark it on your calendar at home or work to remind you when it’s car lift and cable maintenance time. About the Triton Team. : Please wait while we gather your results. Garages usually own one or more of these in them. Turns vehicle lift into a turf maintenance liftAvailable for 10,000 to 18,000 lb. Regular maintenance and servicing is important to keep your vehicle performing at its very best! Rules for safe lifting 6. Vehicle hoist, as the name indicates that it is a type of instrument related to or used in vehicles. As well as the above “DIY” car lift maintenance tasks, it’s important to schedule an annual service from a professional auto lift technician with specialist knowledge of your particular brand of hoist. The manual supplied by the manufacturer … Manuals applicable to the vehicle hoist are available to operators and maintenance personnel, together with management’s instructions. 17 Smarter Ways to Get Value when Buying a Car Lift, 8 Awesome Things for your Car and Garage that need to be on your Holiday Wish List. Have a car lift cleaning party. Evidence of internal broken wires may require a deeper rope examination. Saw cut and remove 24″ x 24″ square area for each column base then re-pour with reinforced 2,500 psi concrete to depth of six inches minimum, keying new concrete under existing floor. The increased installation of two-post hoists is causing concern due to recent My 4 post lift uses chains, not cables. Motorcycle lifts and plow jacks are sized to lift motorcycles, ATVs, and other small-engine equipment. SKU: MLBS110. Keep us in the loop! Jeremy, a simple wire brush should do the trick most of the time, but over time, it’s not a bad idea to find a good wire cable lubricant as well. Do this every three months at the same time you inspect your cables (to keep things easy). Hi Ian. Rotary Lift is the world's leader in hydraulic lifts. For “chain over cylinder” car lifts, simply cycle the lift up and down for several cycles. Lift safety features 5. Any thoughts. Distributors Be Your Own “Cable Guy” Our hoist technicians ensure that your annual inspection complies with the WorkSafeBC standards. Thanks for keeping up with your lift! Extend your workshop's reach with Sun 2 post, 4 post and car scissor lifts – covering many needs and growing revenue streams. Garage Spotlights The vehicle lifts/hoists’ moving parts is positioned closer than 600mm to any fixed structure Check cable tension and adjust if necessary. Which model 4-post do you have? We have it and more. We pride ourselves on making our lifts (two-post, four-post, etc.) Even a rugged BendPak two-post or four-post lift needs a little love now and again. 5. Good to know and I’ll look at this over the weekend, what is the maintanance torque for anchor bolts on a 2 post lift. A4 or A5 Size. All Vehicle Hoist Maintenance. Vehicle individual axle weight does not exceed one-half lift capacity. Can you post a video, or pictures, of where and how to properly grease the 4 post lift? A motor vehicle mechanic was fatally injured when a vehicle fell from a two-post hoist after the horizontal locking mechanisms failed to lock the vehicle hoist support arms in place. Ensure the vehicle hoist has operating and maintenance instructions permanently located and clearly visible. Proper maintenance and repair could keep them in good condition, and it's going to need a wide number of auto parts & accessories. 1​ (888) 856-5820 Support This Is My BendPak rated cable that loses 10% tensile strength will be rated at 12,600 lbs., assuming no other structural damage. Don’t attempt to operate it, of course, if you’re seeing slack or the detection is shutting down operations. Perform hoist inspection audits on your phone or tablet, even while offline Ensure the area is clean and clear of grease, oil. Inspection and maintenance records must be kept (ie. Further Information AS 1418.9-1996 Cranes (including hoists and winches) - Vehicle Hoists To give yourself the best chance of safe hoist operation, remember to: Fully … The good news is that there are a number of maintenance tasks you can (and should) perform yourself every day, every week, and each month. After all, the service you’re offering to your clients is helping to minimise repair costs, and keeping vehicle down time to a minimum. fol-low other maintenance procedures outlined in the manual furnished by the manufacturer of the hoist and asme b30.16. While some wear is to be expected over time, once the cable has worn down by 10% of its original size, it needs to be replaced. While Using Lift: A. Check the hoist columns to ensure they are still squarely and securely anchored to the workshop floor. MAINTENANCE. Carsoft is one of the leading importer, repairer and seller of Spray booths, vehicle Hoists and industrial equipment's throughout the Australia. No hoist-operator training. Provides instructions on the use of the equipment both prior to and during operation. Lifting & Loads • Plant Maintenance Worker dies in vehicle hoist collapse. Perhaps the most important car lift maintenance is to adjust the cables. We sell and repair lubrication equipment, we can install airlines, oil lines, water lines to … If the wires appear to have corrosion, pits or kinks, or if there is evidence of kinking, crushing, cutting, bird-caging or a popped core, the cable needs to be replaced. The slack detection should make it impossible to operate your lift if there’s excess cable slack. Parts used to repair hoists must be to the manufacturer’s specifications. For all your Vehicle Hoist Maintenance needs and requirements to Australian Standards Thoroughly lubricate all pulleys, rollers, chains, and safety lock pivot points to ensure the smooth operation of your lift, as well as preventing rust. Motor Vehicle Hoist Supply and Servicing, Hydraulic Equipment Supply and Servicing in Modbury, South Australia. A. Further Information AS 1418.9-1996 Cranes (including hoists and winches) - Vehicle Hoists Checking these parts is easy: simply look and lubricate. In addition, duty holders must keep a record of any inspection and maintenance carried out on a two-post vehicle hoist for the time they manage or control the plant. Check the capacity of the hoist compared to the weight of the vehicle. Each morning, you should carefully inspect all your vehicle hoist’s moving parts, cables, and hoses for obvious defects or any signs of unusual wear and tear.

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