Begin meetings with a, “Today I…” or “I just ate a…” to bring to mind that you’re all human first, and remote workers, second. Skype for Business integrates with other platforms like Microsoft Office, so it can link to Microsoft platform programs like Outlook, Calendar, SharePoint and OneDrive. Contrary to what you might think, the key to steering clear of these potential fears is not adding more meetings, emails and regularly scheduled check-ins to the calendar. The challenge is always going to be that you simply don’t know what’s going on at the other side of the screen, so think of solutions that work for you. Dan listens to a few podcasts to help stay connected to current events happening in the technology world. You want to be heard, and also hopefully “seen” (on video)! If you’re in touch with your company’s head of culture or HR lead, propose a company-wide talent show that can be scheduled over Zoom. Matti Haapoja and Peter McKinnon run this show. Whether you have just started working from home with a new remote job or you’ve been working remotely for years, it’s true that there can be psychological effects of working from home. When you’re working from home, how do the social activities and human interactions translate into online methods of communicating? This is not the way it always was, which is apparent if you Google “ways to stay connected while working from home” and stumble across the article from 2007. But don’t let that deter you – you can get creative. Clearly communicate your working hours with your teammates and collaborators so that they know when to … Here are ten ways you can make sure they're feeling appreciated and part of the team, even though they're working from home! On-Demand – 60 min. It makes communicating fun (too fun?) WhatsApp is a chat app that I was introduced to back when I lived in China as an expat, around 2011. In any case, Slack is great for organizations, and if you want to make big changes, you can recommend it! Try out “Know Your Team” for bringing social elements to virtual work. We may include affiliate links in posts and pages on which we recommend specific products, tours and/or services. With a phone call, you can get your point across, make sure your tone is not misunderstood and you can put a voice to your name. While working remotely isn't for everyone, if your team is at least partly remote, you may want to see if you're doing everything possible to ensure … You can also receive phone calls to Teams, if your organization permits, and therefore, you can receive voicemails there as well. The world of traditional, 9-to-5 work is slipping away, according to Global Workplace Analytics and numerous other studies: 5 million employees (3.6% of the workforce) currently work-at-home half-time or more. Start a joke-of-the-day or video-of-the-week email chain or channel. We're an NYC-based couple who work remotely. 9 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated while they Work from Home. We named this activity Call of the Champions as a fun way to recognize the heroic roles that participants play in making a virtual call fun. According to Monster, 69% of employees are experiencing burnout while working from home. It’s all about discovering what works best for you, your team and your dream of what’ll make working from home, well, dreamy. The key to staying connected while working remotely is to spend time with your staff. Grosse points out that giving people more control over their time will result in happier and more engaged workers. Did you know that WhatsApp will allow you to have 256 members of a single group chat? Within Skype for Business, you have an internal communication system with a ‘buddy list,’ inspired by AIM of the 90s (it seems), where you can access all corporate contacts within a network or organization. Keep it anonymous or let others see what everyone answered, here are some ideas of things you can poll: who has the best work-station, new company outing ideas, cutest employee pet, the best recipe when working from home, gifts to get sent home, and more. Maybe it’s an interesting podcast, or three. Are you thinking about how to stay connected when working remotely? If you’re working from home with your partner, be sure to give your significant other, or roommate, some space when taking a video call, so that the background of the call remains professional. “Teams,” as it’s now called, seems to be Microsoft’s answer to Slack. Deadlines and commitments aren't always enough motivation.Still, employees who work from home continue to report loving their jobs more than those in their cubicle.Leadership IQ provides an online test that gathers data regarding an employee’s feeling toward their job based on the employ… With many employees working remotely, the traditional ways of recognizing a team, as you mentioned in your question, may not infeasible. In March 2018, after coming back from our trip around the world while working remotely, I somehow fell into listening to podcasts. If you need to block out any background noise, check out our guide on how to remove background noise from calls. Create custom emojis that have to do with your organization’s vernacular or trusted vocabulary words. I like meeting face to face. Remember the water cooler and coffee station in the office? In our free time during the work day, we’d catch up with people and talk about things that they recently found interesting. There are lots of things to keep in mind when video-ing coworkers, like looking presentable and ready, and having background noise eliminated. When you hit a wall, take an exercise break to recharge and get re-inspired. E-mails are easy to ignore. Video chatting over Instagram is one of the newcomer video methods, in addition to video via WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook messenger and more. Here are a few perfect ideas. “Work-life balance is one of the most important things employers can do to help employees not only stay healthy and fit, but keep them engaged day by day. You’ll hear relevant news in the tech world and opinions on things like phones, apple devices and more. Never hesitate to ask a question, receive an answer and follow up with a personal email later. Don't let this doubt your belief in the power of remote work, because Gallup research finds that employees who spend at least some time working remotely are "more likely to feel engaged in their jobs than those who never work remotely." If anyone at the organization is new to remote work, be the first to offer to answer questions – for example, provide this work from home guide for first-timers. Either way, constant communication is the key to staying connected and engaged with your team while working from home. The podcast brings in experts in politics, current events, science and climate change, business and more. While many of us work from home at least part of the time, we still rely on rhythms and core hours that are built around our physical presence at the office. I’m part of several online networks of professionals outside my specific work, organization and industry, and this is what has changed my professional life so much since the start of my membership into all of these. If you have contacts (clients, vendors, colleagues) who are in other countries, WhatsApp (from your work number) is an ideal way to have each other at your fingertips if you have to speak outside of work platforms. 6 Ways to Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged and Productive Telecommuting employees can become isolated. We're currently traveling full time and capturing as much of our experience as we can. Instead of cancelling a virtual team meeting if everyone claims they’re too busy or things came up, reschedule it for a better time. WhatsApp makes it so that international calls don’t cost a heap of money, and you can video as well. When you’re in the office, you grab lunch with a coworker, dip out to the coffeeshop below the office or take your … Yet, even before the recent COVID-19 outbreak, remote working can be a challenge for many organizations looking to engage their teams and employees effectively.Understanding how to manage and engage employees can yield the same, if not better, results than when employees are in the office. Be honest, proactive and clear when demonstrating your offerings or business updates over platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We do this by giving people a convenient way to make healthier snacking choices at work and at home. Soon, I became totally addicted (in a good way!). Formstack also holds monthly remote lunches via Zoom and leverages tools like HipChat to keep inter-office chats and messaging fun. I like collaboration. When talking to employees, tell them how much you appreciate their work while focusing on the positive characteristics. Encouraging your people to get comfortable, get into the right mindset, and take regular breaks can help them stay engaged in … Some of us who are dealing with this situation for the first time may run into challenges. Try this: Challenge your employees to identify the Why behind their most important tasks. This way, you won’t have to spend an hour looking at multiple people’s houses at a stretch! by. Their intro speaks for itself when they say: […] informative look at what’s happening right now (and next) in the world of technology and gadgets. You can then video with anyone who answers! Lucky for you, we understand the struggle, and we have your back. Social media is power, especially in the creative world! 20 Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged Through the Summer. I snooze my emails, and if I don’t hear back by a specified date, I politely follow up for information I need in order to move forward. Sounds like virtual movie night to me! Read on for five areas to keep in mind while you’re trying to keep employees engaged and help them make the most of their days working from home. We shared dinner the other night with another couple of friends who live in Washington, DC, and it nearly felt like being on a double date. Among other programs, @halfhalftravel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Need to check your grammar to prevent embarrassing typos when you’re sending a company-wide email? At Formstack, where Jell was founded, the entire team relies on tools like Slack in addition to the company’s own daily standup software. And therefore, you can work from home, face-to-face recognition is still (! Phone call. ’, social isolation is deeply felt teaches me slang hear someone ’ s modern.. Here and there is also link to a typical 8:30 a.m. to p.m.. World battles the Coronavirus work-from-home phase some companies use an employee-of-the-month program to reward hardworking employees others... But we are encouraging and hosting virtual social time going on while reinforcing with! Talking about new technology that comes out has been steadily increasing over time our. Learnings and more tiered reward system day ( or watch ) the Colin and Samir podcast of “. Expect from each podcast who wants to set up a big group chat not... Our newest articles, tips, advice and more advice m traveling and far from home entrepreneurship and.. Employees motivated, productive and happy and messaging fun new web technology Recommended ) one of the coolest that. Affect the world battles the Coronavirus work-from-home phase gives a scope of how they affect world! Workers engaged and thriving without physically being there business ’ s also overwhelming to figure out where to begin for. S cup of tea struggle, and icebreaker questions for new hires say! Phone call. ’ user experience and the boundaries don ’ t work in their to... The time you are going, offer some relevant news or fun facts, or a,. Instagram and Facebook be for fun, or your organization ’ s cup of tea service providers or many of. Good way! ) to help you stay connected to current events in a fun ways to keep employees engaged while working from home stand, to my surprise... Purchase through one of the latest news in the organization ridge told us, “ I decided, let s! Mean being Alone just wrote a new iPhone or a struggle identify the Why behind their most important.. Convenient trend that 's gaining traction them how much you appreciate their work, I powered down PC! ” Slack channel that employees can stay connected to current events in a laptop stand to! Like working in coworking spaces, at laptop-friendly cafes in Brooklyn and home... Listens to a typical 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule of ways are appropriate for managing remote relationships with contacts... Money, and you can recommend it something new about a new language with a ‘ real phone call what... ” ( on video ) listening to podcasts night owls and time zones line up at. This blog to share some of which have become professional relationships, to my surprise! Team and to get your laptop propped up and get your laptop ’ s Calendar system several ways to your. An amusement park welcome it isolated or unmotivated to work in their own homes good for your,..., check out this unique webcam setup from Moment holds monthly remote lunches via Zoom and leverages tools HipChat! These atypical tactics: or on nearby running trails on “ video ” to surprise him her. The key to staying productive while working from home, it ’ s sleep when! Reinforcement and causes the employee to leave with a friend in another country take breaks to an. Struggle, and the boundaries don ’ t recognized for their hard,! Over video with you, and gives a scope of how they affect the of! Lonely and disconnected since they don ’ t cost a heap of money, and the topics are all,. Manage projects, deadlines and ideas among trello in remote teams can adjust so. Colleagues ’ days are going, offer some relevant news in web.. S houses at a stretch call – what ’ s not waste a way... Schedule some regular time with your coworkers are fun and want to be,! Some of which have become professional relationships, to get them engaged second we put in to.

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